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ราคาเกจวัดแรงดันน้ำ and PMX horizontal pumps’ collection are built to face up to high pressures as much as one hundred bar and can be utilized in the water industry, reverse osmosis, in snow-making and marine functions.
The pumps are designed to be consistently sturdy, keeping the need to exchange wearable components to a minimum. Their robust construction is resistant to mechanical stress because of specially designed dimensions which permit for top performance and operational stability.
High efficiency on the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) is ensured by optimised geometry in the blade profiles of the impellers and diffusers, whereas the hydraulics are geared up with an axial thrust compensation system, additional decreasing put on. The sizes of the hydraulics cowl a extensive range of flow charges and are available in forged iron, stainless-steel and duplex.
The PM collection advantages from new measurement 65 hydraulic models and the H model PM_65 with four poles is the configuration which permits to be used with superheated water at temperatures of up to 120°C – although it is essential to hold out checks on the two poles depending on the circumstances the pump shall be used in. The supplies selected here offer sturdiness in such heavy-duty working conditions.