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NOXPA upgrades its Kiber NTE pumps with its Kiber KTE pumps. The Kiber KTE are progressive cavity pumps with a hopper and a feeding screw, so they are used for viscous merchandise, masses, pastes and liquids with solids in suspension.
Their primary utility is for transferring whole or destemmed grapes and the compact design allows to put in them right beneath the destemming machine. The feeding screws have a selected design, tailored to every pump size, to have the ability to deliver a delicate passage of solids, according to move.
ไดอะแฟรม have a security grid, a drainage and a minimum stage resistive sensor to stop the pump in the event there could be not product inside, and subsequently, to avoid the operating on dry, that might damage the rubber of the stator and the mechanical seal.
The pumps are equipped on a chrome steel trolley with wheels with brake. Also, an ergonomic handle prepared to mount an electrical panel is included. Tailor-made electrical panels may be mounted, to cater in your individual needs.
The drive consists of a worm gearbox with flange, coupled to a regular three-phase electric motor in accordance with IEC.