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RMI’s intensive testing helps high-pressure pump safety, quality globally

Mines and business depend on critical high strain pump technology to keep operations secure and efficient, which makes rigorous testing of this tools an important part of the manufacturing course of.
According to Kathryn Poke, director of engineering at RMI Pressure Systems, devoted take a look at cells within the company’s Manchester manufacturing facility assist a variety of technical checks to ensure ultimate product high quality. RMI Pressure Systems is a global chief in high stress and excessive volume fluid pumping stations, with over a century’s experience in designing, manufacturing and supporting this know-how. With a major manufacturing facility in the UK, the company has operations in China, the US, India and Australia – supporting gear in international locations across the globe.
Poke said that RMI Pressure Systems’ high quality and testing regime implies that new equipment and parts can be put by way of as much as two million pump cycles – over periods of up to 160 hours – to prove their integrity.
“In robust and steady functions similar to longwall coal mining, our customers depend on our high strain reciprocating pumps to ship optimum uptime and security,” she mentioned. “Similarly, our metal trade clients look for high quality and reliability in de-scaling and forging applications.”
In these demanding and often hazardous environments, pump pressures can reach 350 to four hundred bar – making any leaks or defects probably disastrous. She highlighted that RMI Pressure Systems’ meticulous testing regime has been important in building the company’s high quality reputation for over a century.
“Before supply, all of our tools is put by way of its paces in our test cells,” she explained. “These well-resourced services measure and report temperatures, pressures, speeds and other indicators – generating knowledge that is carefully reviewed and analysed by our engineering team.”
She emphasised that the test cells run alongside the company’s manufacturing processes, that are accredited in terms ISO9001 quality requirements. This ensures that the prolonged intervals of testing do not compromise RMI’s manufacturing charges. The check facility can accommodate three RMI high pressure pumps at a time.
pressure gauge หลักการ ทํา งาน implies that our customers are confident that RMI tools is ready to go when it is installed and commissioned on website,” stated Poke. “There is not any run-in time or bedding down to be done, so the pumps’ contribution to productivity and uptime might be instant.”
Experts from RMI Pressure Systems can be found to help with installing and commissioning the equipment, giving clients peace of mind and guaranteeing optimum efficiency. The company’s manufacturing high quality can be enhanced by its careful number of suppliers and components; these are chosen on their excellence, and common quality assurance processes are utilized. Cycle testing of elements is also carried out to ensure a quality finished product.
“Our inspection group tests new components extensively against the conformance criteria before giving it the thumbs up,” she stated. “Staying up to date with know-how permits us to enhance designs, software and materials of development wherever possible; each improvement, though, must be thoroughly tested before we introduce it to the market.”
Note to editor
RMI Pressure Systems specialises in the design, manufacture and utility of high strain reciprocating pumps to world longwall mining and industrial purposes. The company’s manufacturing hub in Manchester, England, serves its operations in the UK, US, China, India and Australia – in addition to markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
An early innovator within the production of excessive stress pumps, RMI’s legacy dates again over a century. With their 95% energy efficiency, the company’s pumps supply sustainability and cost benefits in a range of applications across sectors. They can even facilitate essential financial savings in water consumption by way of their variable speed drive know-how. RMI leverages its analysis and growth capability to drive steady innovation.
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