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SEKO to showcase IoT control at Aquatech 2021

IoT expertise connects operators to the pump from wherever on the earth.
After a yr that noticed the international exhibition calendar obliterated by COVID-19, chemical dosing and management expert Seko is happy to be returning to Aquatech Amsterdam in November.
Among the numerous solutions on display shall be Seko’s Elektra digital pump controller, which makes use of the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology to connect operators to their chemical dosing pumps irrespective of the place they’re on the earth, through Seko’s SekoWeb app on their PC, laptop or sensible device.
pressure gauge weksler ราคา can then view reside and historic information on demand and make immediate parameter adjustments. spmk700 to handle equipment with such flexibility unlocks advantages together with ultra-precise dosing, course of optimisation and price management. And as a result of faults can be recognized and maintenance arranged upfront, expensive unplanned downtime and productivity losses are minimised.
Elektra is at present out there to be used with Spring sequence of motor-driven dosing pumps, with compatibility deliberate for units throughout the Seko range.